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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair

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Discontinued Model

Transform your massage experience in the brand new Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair. The OS-Pro Maxim boasts a powerful feature set at a fraction of the cost of other chairs that possess fewer characteristics.

The OS-Pro Maxim’s loaded feature set includes the popular 47″ L-Track extended quad roller track that massages from the neck down into the hamstrings region, a user-friendly touch screen remote control interface, Zero Gravity recline, dual mechanical foot rollers, 12 auto programs, a 22 airbag system, a space saving recline position, lumbar heating, Bluetooth connectivity, LED chromotherapy lighting and more.

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  • 47″ L-Track Roller System: The OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair comes equipped with the popular L-track, or extended roller, design. With the new L-track models, the quad roller system massages the neck, continues down the back, and veers into the seat to massage the gluteal & hamstring muscles. The OS-Pro Maxim is still designed with the more conventional S-track, which works the back down the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine. With the OS-Pro Maxim, you get the best of both worlds: a traditional back massage and a stronger massage in the seat — all with the rollers
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers: Enjoy the benefits of mechanical foot rollers! The dual spinning mechanical foot rollers, located on the bottom of the foot rest, target the key acupressure points as they knead the bottoms of your feet
  • Smart Touch Screen Tablet: The OS-Pro Maxim comes equipped with a free touch screen tablet that allows you control and customize your massage experience. Navigate the 12 auto programs, 5 manual programs, intensity of the airbags, speed, location of the rollers and more with ease
  • Zero Gravity: The popular Zero Gravity recline position is included in the OS-Pro Maxim. When in the NASA-inspired Zero Gravity recline, your knees are elevated above your heart during your massage. The position takes the weight off your spine, distributing it evenly across the chair and giving you a “weightless” feel. Zero Gravity has been shown to lower blood pressure, stimulate circulation, and permits a deeper massage
  • Next Generation Airbag Massage Technology: The OS-Pro Maxim has the latest in airbag technology, which enabled Osaki to design the chair with fewer airbags overall — 22 of them — but with the capability of reaching more surface area. The airbag massage will compress and decompress along the key areas of the body as the rollers work the back and inside the seat, providing a rejuvenating air massage that aids in circulation and relieves muscle tension. The airbags massage the shoulders, arms, hips, lower lumbar region, calves, and the sides of the feet
  • Space Saving Recline: The chair’s L-track design lets you place it within 5 inches of a wall, which saves space in any room
  • Lumbar Heating: The OS-Pro Maxim has two heating pads in the lower lumbar region to relieve lower back tension and relax the underlying muscles and joints. Additionally, it warms the muscles to release tension and prepares them for a deeper tissue roller massage
  • 12 Auto Programs: With the OS-Pro Maxim, you can choose from 12 uniquely designed automatic massage programs with the touch of a button. The pre-set auto programs combine various massage techniques that focus on different aspects of the body. With auto programs designed to invigorate, relax and everything in between, there are no shortage of auto programs to select from. The auto programs include General, Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake Up, Sleeping, Healthy Regiment, Stretching, Health, Beauty, Vitality, Vigor and Digest
  • Manual Programs & Customization: Customize your massage by diving into the manual settings and incorporate the Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling massage techniques. Plus, you can select the area of massage, intensity of the airbags, speed of the rollers, turn on seat vibration and more
  • Bluetooth Technology: Connect your mobile phone or other Bluetooth compatible devices to the massage chair and sit back as your favorite music plays while you enjoy your therapeutic massage
  • Chromotherapy Lighting: LED chromotherapy lighting encases the OS-Pro Maxim’s speaker system. With this feature, you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing blue hue that illuminates inside the chair and the surrounding area. The blue rays that this chair casts has been proven to aid in muscle relaxation and promotes anti-inflammation


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Free Extended Warranty


Free Extended Warranty


Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair

47″ Extended Roller System (L-Track)

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is designed with both an “S” and “L” roller massage track that starts from the neck and works its way down the back and into the seat to reach the glutes and the back part of the hamstrings.

The “S-track” part of the quad roller massage is ergonomically designed to massage the neck and entire back in an “S” shape to follow the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine. As the rollers veer into the seat, the chair will then massage the buttocks and the belly of the hamstrings and reverse up the back, creating an “L” shape. In total — from the neck to the hamstrings — the massage track is 47 inches.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim L-Track Extended Roller System

Touch Screen Tablet Remote Control

The OS-Pro Maxim comes equipped with a large touch screen remote control tablet that allows you to choose from the chair’s 12 pre-set auto programs, the speed of the rollers, the intensity of the airbags and more. It will also display what the chair is doing in live time. The images and buttons make it easy to use and operate. The power button is discretely located on the top right of the tablet to turn off or on.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Touch Screen Remote Control

Body Scanning Technology

Before any of the 12 automatic programs start, the OS-Pro Maxim will scan the entire body, mapping the key areas of the neck and back, ensuring a consistent amount of pressure while applying the massage. The scanning technology will also detect your shoulders height, which can be recalibrated soon as the scan is complete. If you desire a higher or lower starting point, the chair gives you 10 seconds after the scan is complete to adjust the rollers.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Located on the bottoms of the foot ottoman are two (2) rows of spinning reflexology massagers which provide a soothing kneading style application. As the rollers spin, it will stimulate acupuncture points. Additionally, airbags are located on the sides of the feet, which provides a rejuvenating massage to the sides of the feet. The airbags also force the rollers to push the feet downward into the foot rollers for a much deeper massage.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Foot Roller Massage

Space Saving Technology

As is the case in most L-Track chairs, the OS-Pro Maxim slides slightly forward during its most maximum recline position, which permits you to place the chair within 5 inches of the wall behind it. This can save considerable space in the room of your choice as most massage chairs require up to 2 feet behind the backrest when reclined.

Next Generation Airbag Massage System

In addition to the 47″ roller track that extends from the neck to the hamstrings, the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is equipped with a total of 22 airbags that massage the parts of the body not covered by the roller track. This includes the feet, calves, shoulders, hips, the lower lumbar region, and a dedicated pocket where you can place your arms in to massage your hands and forearms.

While the 22 airbag count may not seem like a lot, Osaki has re-engineered the airbags to cover more surface area. When a chair has an abundance in airbag massagers, not only is more power consumed, but additional air pumps and valves puts more strain on the chair. With the OS-Pro Maxim, you get fewer airbag massagers that cover just as much surface area as a chair that has 45 airbags, but also the benefit of a more reliable and quieter chair.

The airbags are made of industrial grade plastic and rubber, allowing for the airbags to contour the body with comfort in mind.

  • Shoulder Air Compression Massage: Two airbag pieces are placed on the opposite sides of shoulders that are designed to inflate in front of the shoulders, pinning the shoulders into the backrest of the chair. This improves posture and presses the shoulders into the back of the chair for a deeper massage.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

  • Arm Air Compression Massage: The OS-Pro Maxim has an arm pocket where the arms are placed. The airbags will independently compress and decompress above and below the arms along the arms, creating a wave-like motion and a relaxing arm massage. The arm airbags are enclosed in durable spandex that are lined with rubber bumps to invigorate the senses as the air bags compress the tops and bottom of the forearm and hands.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair Arm Airbags

  • Foot & Calf Air Compression Massage: The OS-Pro Maxim has airbags that are placed on the sides of the calves and feet, each uniquely placed to hit the key pressure points of the muscles. The airbags will inflate and deflate, creating a squeezing like action. As is the case for all the airbag massagers, the intensity of the pressure can be controlled from the remote control. As indicated previously, this chair also includes foot rollers that knead the soles of the feet.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair Foot and Calf Air Massage

  • Hip & Lumbar Air Compression Massage: Airbags located along the outer hip and waist region apply a deep compression massage. Airbags in the hip region are designed to hold the mid-section of the body in place as the rollers work the back and inside the seat. The airbags in this region of the chair creates a twist motion to stretch tight waist muscles.

    On the lower portion of the backrest, there are also two lumbar airbags. When inflated, it will squeeze the outer portion of the lower back inwards to stretch the bottom of the back.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair Lumbar and Hip Massage

Lumbar Heating

The OS-Pro Maxim has 2 heating pads located in the lumbar area. Heat therapy increases the effectiveness of the massage by raising your body temperature and softens up tight low back muscles for the rollers to work the back more powerfully. It has also been shown to increase circulation.

Zero Gravity Recline

The “weightless” Zero Gravity recline position, inspired by NASA technology, is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the Zero Gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. This feature improves spinal decompression and decreases muscle tension of the spine.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity Recline Position

12 Automatic Programs

The OS-Pro Maxim boasts a wide array of 12 automatic pre-set programs at the touch of a button. The unique auto programs range from a light to deep massage and focus on different regions of the body.

Auto program descriptions:

  • General: A full body massage that incorporates a combination of all the massage styles in one program. The General program will relieve fatigue on the entire body.
  • Deep Tissue: A deep kneading massage with some tapping included.
  • Recovery: This program is a kneading and tapping massage with an emphasis on the waist and hips region of the body. It promotes detoxification.
  • Wake Up: The perfect massage mode to choose when starting your day, Wake Up combines tapping techniques for the back, arms and legs.
  • Sleeping: End your day with this auto program, which uses a gentle relaxation course based on gentle tapping and kneading to help you fall asleep.
  • Healthy Regimen: This massage course was created to help shape a healthy body by combining various massage techniques that target the waists, hips and thighs.
  • Stretching: Stretches the back muscles, hands and legs by inflating the airbags, which grab and pull the ankles. There a total of 4 different stretching actions in this mode.
  • Men’s Health: This course offers provides a strong tapping and soft kneading massage.
  • Women’s Beauty: The muscles around your waist, hips and thighs will be loosened with kneading, rolling and shiatsu massage techniques.
  • Older Vitality: An ideal massage for seniors, this program offers a soft kneading and soft tapping massage across the back.
  • Kidney Vigor: Focuses on the lower back and hips and blends all the massage techniques together.
  • Spleen Digest: The muscles across the waist and lower back are loosened by soft kneading and tapping.

5 Manual Mode Massage Techniques & Custom Control

The OS-Pro Maxim allows you to adjust the massage to your liking. Everything from the speed of the rollers (up to 5 settings), the width of the rollers (from narrow to wide), and the strength of the airbags (up to 5 settings) are all available to you on certain massage styles at the tip of your fingers.

In the manual mode, you can create a customized massage, including exactly where you want the rollers and airbags to work. The location of the massage can range from full back, partial (half sections) and spot which concentrates on one specific area.

Manual mode massage techniques include Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling.

You can also select an in-seat vibration massage from the manual part of the chair as well.

Auto Leg Scan

Because the OS-Pro Maxim is capable of accommodating users of all heights, the calf and foot massager makes adjustments according to your leg length, ensuring that the massage airbags are concentrating on the correct areas. At the start of the massage, the foot ottoman will fully extend out and then retract. Once the foot massager has reached your desired length, simply press down along the toes region at the top of the foot rest to stop it from extending or retracting further.

Bluetooth Technology

The OS-Pro Maxim is equipped with the latest in Bluetooth technology, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs and answer calls on high quality speakers located on both sides of the headrest.

LED Lighting

LED chromotherapy lighting encases the music system, which illuminates a cool blue color inside the chair to enhance your relaxation experience. Studies have shown that certain colors can affect the mood of a person, especially the color blue, which is known to have calming and relaxing properties.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair LED Chromotherapy Lighting

Multi-Language Menus

In the settings mode of the remote tablet, you can choose to operate the chair in different languages. English, Chinese, French and Spanish are all available options.


Suggested User Height 5’1 – 6’4 ft.
Suggested Max. User Weight 240 lbs.
Roller Track Length 47 inches (SL-Track)
Number of Airbags 22 Airbags
Number of Auto Programs 12 Auto Programs
Heat Lower Back
Timer 5-30 minutes
Maximum Operating Period 30 minutes
Chair Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Remote Type Touch Screen Control
Product Dimensions Approx. Upright: 45.3″ H x 31.1″ W x 63″ D
Approx. Full Recline: 35.4″ H x 31.1″ W x 78.7″ D
Weight Shipping weight: 285.3 lbs.
Product net weight: 236.5 lbs.
Ships in 3 Boxes Big Box Dimensions: 35.4″ H x 30.1″ W x 60.6″ D (150 lbs)
Small Box #1 Dimensions: 20.9″ H x 19.7″ W x 22.8″ D (48 lbs)
Small Box #2 Dimensions: 20.7″ H x 12.2″ W x 45.2″ D (25 lbs)
Power Consumption 220 Watts
Usage condition Environment temperature: 50° – 104° F
Storage condition Storage temperature: 68° – 140° F
Safety feature Equipped with overheating and power surge safety protection
Usage benefits Increasing blood circulation; Relieving muscular fatigue
Origin Made in China; Ships from the USA


choose from one of these 3 shipping options:

1) Curbside Shipping - FREE

All of our massage chairs qualify for free curbside delivery, which typically ships within 1-3 business days of placing your order. Once the chair arrives at your local delivery terminal, the delivery company will give you a call to arrange a delivery window. Please note that the delivery person is not responsible for carrying the chair into your home, though they may if you ask them to do so. Also note that depending on the chair you are purchasing, it will arrive unassembled. Assembly instructions are included in your chair’s packaging and can be installed in about 15-60 minutes.


If you prefer to have your massage chair assembled for you, a White Glove Delivery upgrade is offered for this massage chair. If this option is selected, a professional installation team will schedule an appointment with you to determine the best time to deliver your massage chair. Once the delivery team arrives, they will carry the chair into your home or business, remove the packaging, and install it in the room of your choice. Your chair will be operating correctly before they leave.


If you prefer to have your massage chair brought inside your home or residence, a Threshold Delivery upgrade is offered for this massage chair. Your massage chair will be brought just beyond the main entrance of your residence or business, but not to a specific room. It can also be stored in your garage. This shipping method does not include assembly nor the removal of packaging. Threshold Delivery is a happy medium between free Curbside Delivery and White Glove Delivery. The vast majority of our customers are most concerned with the hassle of hauling the chair’s packaging in their home or business, and are capable of assembling the chair themselves (if necessary). This is fulfilled with Threshold Delivery.

Choose From One of These 3 Warranty Options:

3 Year "Rock Solid" Warranty with Limited Parts and Labor - FREE

Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first three (3) years of ownership. This warranty plan includes one (1) year of in-home labor, two (2) years of parts and structural framework, and three (3) years of structural framework.


1) 1 Year Extended Warranty (4 Years Total) - $149

For an additional price, Osaki guarantees two (2) years of in-home labor, three (3) years of parts and structural framework, and four (4) years of structural framework.

2) 2 Year Extended Warranty (5 Years Total) - $249

For an additional price, Osaki guarantees three (3) years of in-home labor, four (4) years of parts and structural framework, and five (5) years of structural framework.

NOTE: Your preferred warranty option can be selected prior to adding the chair to your cart. The free 3 year warranty option is selected by default. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to add extended warranty coverage. Call us at 844-862-4391 to add extended warranty coverage to an existing purchase.

1 review for Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair

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10 reviews
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  1. Maxim is a beastI'm quite pleased with the Maxim massage chair. I was overwhelmed with all the different chairs on the market and this model was recommended to me based on what I was looking for, and it delivers in every way.

    It has a ton of manual options to select from in addition to the 12 programs, with something for every member of my family and then some.

    Was this review helpful to you? 9 of 9 people found this review helpful

  2. Very nice chair, my wife loves it. It is not for large framed people. I can sit in it, but can't fit my arms into the massager. I bought it for her, so it' s perfect for her. It has lots of massage options and is not too rough. You have to check the massage level if you want a medium level. Very good quality chair and gives a great massage. Now that we've had it a couple of months I can say that it's worth it! I would order this chair again.

    Was this review helpful to you? 10 of 10 people found this review helpful

  3. Excellent purchase and price! The chair is beautiful and works great. The service is great, and the agents are very helpful and attentive.
    I recommend everyone to consider a chair from this dealership.

    My rating: *****

    Was this review helpful to you? 6 of 6 people found this review helpful

  4. This chair is amazing! I never leave reviews, but I wanted to share a few thoughts. I went to several stores to demo massage chairs that ranged any where between $5999-$8999. This chair is better quality hands down. If you are trying to decide, just order. I regret I spent more than a month wrestling with ordering a chair I hadn’t tried before purchasing. The chair is the real deal at a ridiculously great price.

    Was this review helpful to you? 6 of 6 people found this review helpful

  5. I actually received the Osaki Pro Alpina, which is almost identical to the Pro Maxim. I had not sat in a massage chair since visiting one of those Sharper Image stores in the early 80's. Quite a pleasant surprise! Of course, not as good as the real deal (by a human masseuse), but very enjoyable and therapeutic. It will definitely relieve all the aches and pains from lower buttocks to upper neck. It also provides stimulation and relief for the soles of the feet, calves, hands and arms. I use it daily, usually in the evening, either before or after a shower or bath. Osaki's programmers are quite innovative. Each pre-programmed massage is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. My favorites are Kidney Vigor and Deep Tissue, but each setting has its own emphasis, either location (e.g., lower back vs. upper back, etc.) and/or modality (e.g., Kneading vs. tapping, etc.). Unless you have a live-in masseuse, I highly recommend and commend your purchase of an Osaki Pro Maxim (or Pro Alpina) chair!

    Was this review helpful to you? 6 of 6 people found this review helpful

  6. Love it

    Was this review helpful to you? 2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  7. The massage chair POsaki pro max is the best we enjoy it very much. the service is great and the company is very reliable. thanks for the product and service...you are the best.

    Was this review helpful to you? 3 of 3 people found this review helpful

  8. Great for Seniors too

    Got the Maxim for Mom's birthday in February of 2017. I originally was going to purchase a completely different chair but I called in and was recommended the Maxim based on Mom's recurring pain she's developed for years in her lower back and glute area. It was overpowering for her frame (66 years old, 5'8/170 pounds) when we first set it up for her and she had to use a pillow to subdue the intensity of the rollers especially in the lower back area. We were considering returning it after her first use but it turns out that this is normal as the rollers need time to work out the knots in the back. She removed the extra padding after a few uses and is now able to withstand the full roller intensity perfectly fine. I also sat in myself and the intensity was perfect for me (even in the Deep Tissue mode) but be advised that it can initially be overbearing for some fragile folks. Give it some time and patience would be my advise.

    She enjoys the General, Healthy Regimen and Older Vitality programs using Zero Gravity. The airbags throughout the chair have also been tremendously beneficial for her. The compression and decompression throughout her feet, shoulders and calves have made her made her much more mobile than I've seen her in years. This has been an excellent buy so far, not only for bonding purposes (the chair comes up in every conversation I have with her lol) but just for the sake of her general health. Thank you.

    Was this review helpful to you? 8 of 8 people found this review helpful

  9. My father has a high end massaging chair at his ranch and it is always one my favorite things I absolutely love taking advantage of when I'm there. I was caught off guard when he called me the day before delivery and told me to be home and that he had a "surprise" for me. Boy was I surprised when two delivery guys showed up in front of my house and told me they had a package for me. SO they showed up with this huge pallet and unboxed this massage chair. While they were setting it up... I called my father and he told me to consider it an early Christmas present and sent me an email with the specs of the chair. The functions and features on the MAXIM are incredible. I did have questions about it since I've never researched it and called the company and they were very helpful in answering my questions. The chair will give you all the features you could possibly want in a chair - LOVE the Ltrack!

    Was this review helpful to you? 7 of 7 people found this review helpful

  10. This is a brand new chair with very few reviews available so I wanted to take some time to discuss the Osaki Maxim for anyone considering it. In short: go for it.

    We're massage chair newbies I started seriously considering purchasing one after I sat on a chair at Costco with similar specs. I enjoyed the chair but never took note of the brand or model name so I was bummed out when i returned to Costco and none of the employees were able to give me info about it.

    Shortly after I started researching different chairs and within a week my husband and I were ready to pull the trigger on the Ogawa Active SuperTrac because of its excellent reviews. I did a couple of extra days of research and discovered the Osaki L-track models including the new Osaki 4000LS and Pro Maxim chairs. Both have very few reviews online so I called in and spoke to Mike, who compared and contrasted the Osaki models with the Ogawa. He spoke glowingly about the Pro Maxim and was incredibly helpful during the entire process in answering all my questions during the few times I called in.

    With all the assistance he offered, we pulled the trigger for real this time with the Maxim. We went with the curbside delivery and the chair came on a huge pallet. You will definitely need more than one person to carry it in. My husband and I knocked out the assembly in about 40 minutes.

    I sat in the chair first and instantly liked how great the "feel" of the chair is. My parents and friends who have since sat in it said the same thing.

    As for the massage, it's even better than the Costco chair I sat in and that chair was priced in the $5,000 range. I'm 5'7 and the rollers reach down to the middle part of my hamstrings. One of my concerns with this chair was the low airbag count. I didn't think 22 would be enough to massage the rest of the body that needed to be massaged but I was pleasantly surprised with the air massage. Not one part of my body was neglected during the massage cycles I've had thus far.

    The 12 auto programs are all great and each of them have different goals with respect to the different parts of the body they focus on. Deep Tissue, Regiment, Stretching and Health are my favorites so far. I've found that the massages are stronger during the Zero gravity position.

    - The rollers have tremendous reach and work the back and butt to my satisfaction. Not too intense, not too vigorous
    - Chair fits my 6'3 husband comfortably
    - Tried out the speaker system last night just for the purpose of testing. Cool feature but I don't like sound during my massages
    - Foot rollers are a nice intensity just like the rollers. Not too aggressive.
    - Intuitive remote control
    - The LED lighting probably isn't a big deal but I love this feature. The massage and lighting have made me fall asleep in the chair a lot
    - Have already seen improvements in my husband's sleep after 2 months of use

    - The manual is obviously translated from Chinese using Google translate or something. It's not hard to make out what it says but I got the hang of the basic functions of the remote within a few sittings
    - Heavy chair but that was expected. White Glove delivery is not necessary if you have someone who can bring it in for you because the assembly is straight forward.

    If you're looking for an L track, I would highly recommend the Maxim.

    Was this review helpful to you? 8 of 8 people found this review helpful

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