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Relax and de-stress your mind and body with the Osaki-JP Premium 4S, the advanced massage chair made and manufactured in Japan. The JP Premium 4S is the latest innovation in massage chair technology and features modern body styling with clean, attractive lines.

Its lifelike 4D roller system, combined with an unheard of 25 automatic programs, makes it one of the most versatile and methodical massage chairs on the market. The JP Premium 4S undergoes a precise Double Sensing body scan prior to your massage to customize it for your body frame. Its 2 Ball Massage Head System travels up and down the back with precision and can be pushed into the back up to nearly 5 inches for an unmatched, thorough deep tissue massage that can only be found in a chair made in Japan.

Its 34 piece air massage kneads the regions of the body the roller system can't reach, including the arms/hands, hips/waist, the outer shoulders, calves, feet, and inside the seat. The JP Premium 4S also offers a memory saving function, a user-friendly touch screen/button remote control hybrid, therapeutic heating in the mid-back and feet, and a host of customizable techniques and adjustments designed to invigorate the body.

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Product Description


  • Made in Japan: The Osaki JP Premium 4S is manufactured exclusively in Japan. In the massage chair industry, the Japanese-made chairs are known as the cream of the crop. The Japanese-made chairs have superior parts and components designed to last considerably longer than their Chinese-made counterparts. Additionally, massage chairs made in Japan have a less than one percent failure rate, which will give you peace of mind well into the future. When you combine that with the exemplary massage Japanese made chairs offer, the JP Premium 4S is a machine you can expect to last for years to come
  • 4D Deep Tissue Massage Rollers: The sophisticated, human-like rollers in the backrest of the chair are capable of protruding 12.5 cm (4.9 inches) forward into the back. The JP Premium 4S will allow you to push the rollers into the back up to 12 different settings depending on the auto program selected, a versatility that will provide anywhere from a moderate to an incredibly deep tissue pressure massage
  • 25 Auto Programs: The JP Premium 4S boasts a staggering 25 auto program courses, designed to massage from the neck down. The JP Premium 4S not only has several whole body auto courses to choose from to relax acute stress — just as any other massage chair will be equipped with — but it’s also one of the first massage chairs that has dedicated auto programs designed to exclusively massage the neck, shoulders (including the top of the shoulders), waist, and sciatic area. This chair has four 30 minute whole body “Pro” programs, sixteen 16 minute programs, five 7 minute quick programs, and three 6 minute stretch courses
  • Triple Mode Airbag System: The chair’s 34 airbag system works in concert with the rollers to massage the areas of the body that are both covered and not covered by the roller system, including inside the seat, the arms/hands, hips/waist, the outer shoulders, calves, and feet. Different airbag strengths can be selected throughout the body, up to five settings. The “Triple Mode Airbag System” is a revolutionary airbag system that permits you to also select the type of air massage you prefer. There are three types of air kneading massages: a kneading mode exclusively for the hands; Pulse Mode; and a traditional Normal Mode found in all other chairs
  • Double Heating Components: While most massage chairs have heating pads in just the lower back region, the JP Premium 4S has two heating sources: the mid-back (targets the back & shoulder blades) and underneath the soles of the feet. Heat therapy serves to not only melt away tension, but to force your back and feet to remain in position in order for the rollers and airbags to work as effectively as possible
  • Advanced Double Sensing Body Scanning: Most massage chairs scan the body prior to the start of any program to give you a customized massage, but because of the way Chinese-made chairs are designed, they are often not as comprehensive as their Japanese-made counterparts. The JP Premium 4S, however, accurately analyzes the contours of the back muscles and spine, and precisely detects the position of the shoulders to provide a personal and accurate massage
  • Memory Component: With over 100 massage combinations to choose from, creating your own custom massage is necessary. The JP Premium 4S’s remote control has several memory slots that authorizes you to lock in your favorite massage techniques for your next sitting. You will no longer have to remember what manual functions you selected during your previous massage session
  • Leg Extension: Because the JP Premium 4S fits a frame from 4’10-6’3, the foot ottoman extends and retracts to accommodate users within that height range. The ottoman can also be raised and lowered to your preferred angle
  • Touch Screen Remote Control: The JP Premium 4S is a remarkably advanced chair that deserves an easy-to-use remote control that can manage the wide array of choices the chair will let you make. This chair offers that. Scroll through the auto programs and make adjustments to your massage using the touch screen panel on the top of the remote. There are also buttons underneath the touch screen panel to select the recline position, the angle of the foot rest, turn on the heat source(s) and more


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Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Header

Made in Japan

In the massage chair industry, Japanese-made chairs are largely known as the best of the best. When compared to their Chinese counterparts, Japanese massage chairs are unmatched. Not only is the workmanship of Japanese chairs excellent — which translates to a second to none quality of massage — but the the parts used in the chair are superior. This means you can expect it to have a longer shelf life than similar Chinese-made models. The JP Premium 4S is 100% made in Japan.

Superior 4D Roller Massage Technology

The Osaki JP Premium 4S has a sophisticated 31 inch roller track in the backrest of the chair that extends from neck down to the tailbone area. In designing the chair, Osaki teamed up with professional massage therapists throughout Japan to perfect the conventional roller massage. The life-like roller track follows the time tested traditions of Japanese massage, where the hands of the masseuse would slow down, accelerate or even pause to hold in particular areas.

The JP Premium 4S provides a traditional mid-strong massage, but is capable of becoming an incredibly deep tissue chair. This is achieved by the option to protrude the roller heads up to 12.5 cm (about 4.9 inches) deeper into the back, which allows the chair to hit key areas most typical chairs can’t reach.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Deep Tissue

Upper Shoulder Massage

A common area where tensions and stress builds up is the upper part of the shoulders (or upper trapezius muscle) which is connected to the back of the head through the neck. The rollers heads on the JP Premium-4S will extend out to its maximum length above the shoulders and then firmly press down, stretching the muscles.

Prior to the massage, JP Premium 4S will be able to automatically detect the shoulder position, a feature most chairs offer but it is often executed poorly.

Body Scanning Technology

Before the start of every massage, the JP Premium 4S’s 3D Navigation body scanning system will accurately map your back and analyze the contours of back muscles and spine. This is achieved through the chair’s industry-first doubling sensing system. The “S Shaped Line Detection System” detects the spinal line, and as mentioned above, the “Shoulder Position Detection System” detects the shoulder position.

The JP Premium 4S accommodates from 4’10-6’3, so no matter your height and weight, the body scanning technology ensures it gives you a customized massage.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Shoulder Adjustment

Triple Air Mode Airbag Massage System

Aside from the JP Premium 4S’s robust roller massage technology, the chair boasts 34 air compression bags throughout the chair to ensure everything from the neck down to the soles of the feet are massaged. The airbags massage the outer shoulders, legs, calves, hands and arms, inside the seat, and the waist/pelvis area.

Unique to the JP Premium 4S’s chair is that you can not only adjust the intensity of the airbags up to five settings, but it also gives you the ability to choose what type of airbag massage you prefer. They include a Hand Knead Mode for the hands and arms, a Pulse Mode to support the promotion of blood circulation by repeating the air supply and exhausting little by little, and a more traditional Normal Mode, which focuses the position and massage by repeating the air supply and exhausting largely. Pulse Mode and Normal Mode can be selected for any of the airbags, whereas Hand Knead Mode is exclusively for the arms and hands.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Triple Air Mode System

Airbag Features:

  • Outer Shoulder Massage: The two airbags located on the upper sides of the backrest will inflate and deflate, compressing the shoulder inwards. The shoulder airbags also function to pin your back against the backrest of the chair as the back rollers provide a rejuvenating back massage.
  • Hand/Arm Massage: The JP Premium 4S has unique butterfly designed arm pockets on the sides of the chair that contour the arms for an even massage. To receive a hand and arm massage, place the palm of the hands vertically inside the pockets. When the chair is powered on, the airbags will independently inflate to give the hands and forearms a swaying massage, which is vital for improving circulation in the hands.
  • Hip Massage: Airbags are also placed on the sides of the seat base to squeeze the hips, rocking you back and forth to stretch out the hard-to-reach waist muscles.
  • Leg/Calf Massage: Airbags are located on the sides of the calves, the back of the calves, the sides of the feet and underneath the soles of the feet. The calf massage is curved on the outer walls so that it will wrap around the calves as it inflates. There are also airbags on the back of the calves for a more complete massage. The feet are massaged by airbags which are lined the along the sides. They function function to push the feet into the airbag lined on the bottom of the foot rest, which target the feet’s acupressure points.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Air Compression

Two Heat Elements

The JP Premium 4S provides two therapeutic heating sources: in the mid-back and the foot region. Traditional massage chairs only offer heating in the lower back or the foot rest. The JP Premium 4S is one of the few models that offers heat therapy in both areas of the body.

The built-in heaters target the entire back and the shoulder blades, which tend to be more stiff. Heat is also provided on the soles of the feet, which tend to be more chilled. An added foot heat element helps loosen the muscles and tissue along the arches. Both heating sources serve to not only melt away tension, but force your back and feet to remain in position in order for the rollers and airbags to work as effectively as possible.

Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair Double Heating System

25 Automatic Programs

The JP Premium 4S is a highly versatile chair with 25 pre-set automatic modes that can be selected on the remote control. These automatic massage modes range from 6-30 minutes and are designed to target every square inch of the body, from the neck down. The chair is so advanced that it not only has full body massage programs, but pre-set modes exclusively for the neck/shoulders, waist, and programs that aim to stretch the body.

30 Minute Auto “PRO” Massage Courses:

  • VIP Course: The first of four 30 minute auto program gives a salon-quality whole body massage.
  • Sommelier Course: This luxury and comfortable relax program makes it seem as if multiple people are giving you a massage, from a warm-up to a cool down.
  • Slow Stretching Course: Experience the chair’s cutting-edge stretching program in a long-form format.
  • Air Relaxation Course: This airbag-based program promotes blood circulation with the simulation of air massage, which helps relieve dullness and/or tiredness.

16 Minute Massage Courses:

These 16 minute massage programs target the whole body, the neck and shoulders, the waist, and stretch the body.

  • Whole Body Course: Choose from the five auto programs: Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, Whole Body, and Relax Whole Body Soft.
  • Neck/Shoulder Course: Choose from the four auto programs: Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, and Whole Body Relax.
  • Waist Course: Choose from the four auto programs (named the same as above but have different functions to stretch the hips area): Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, and Whole Body Relax
  • Stretch Course: Choose from the three auto programs: Extreme Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Stretch, and Whole Body Air.

7 Minute Massage Courses:

  • Neck Focus Massage Course: Massages with press/release activity from the neck muscle to the shoulders.
  • Shoulder Focus Massage Course: This program offers a vigorous massage in the circumference of the shoulder by using the rubbing, kneading and tapping techniques.
  • Shoulder Blade Focus Massage Course: As the name of the program indicates, it massages the hard-to-reach shoulder blades by stretching and flexing the shoulder blades.
  • Waist Focus Massage Course: Uses the rubbing and tapping massage techniques to massage from the back to the lower part of the waist.
  • Sciatic Focus Massage Course: Uses the rubbing and tapping massage techniques to push the buttocks up using the airbags in the seat of the chair.

Stretch Programs

In addition to the above programs, the chair also has three types of 6-minute whole body stretching auto programs that will stretch each nook and corner of the whole body. These auto programs are called Stretch Course, Extreme Stretch Course, and an airbag-based Air Course.

Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair 3 Whole Body Stretch Course

12 Intensity Adjustments

Depending on the auto program selected, you can choose between 7-12 back roller knead strength intensity adjustments, which will permit you to protrude the roller heads up to 12.5 cm (about 4.9 inches) for an incredibly deep tissue massage. In addition, you can control the speed of the rollers (up to 4 settings), and control how narrow or wide you want the rollers to be (up to 3 settings).

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Roller Adjustment

Memory Settings

Create your own customized program and save it using the memory storage capability for future use. Take advantage of the 40+ massage techniques and the 100+ massage variations that this chair has to offer by making your own unique mash-up.

Automatic Leg Extension

The JP Premium 4S’s extendable ottoman can fit someone comfortably up to 6’3. Simply use the remote control to raise, lower, extended or retract the foot rest to fit your height.

Automatic Recline

The JP Premium 4S’s reclines the body in an almost complete flatbed position, which is the optimal position to be in in order for the rollers to work the back effectively. This position helps you fully relax and reduces spinal tension.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Flatbed Recline

Easy to Use Remote Control

Navigate through the JP Premium 4S’s wide array of massage techniques and auto courses with ease using the remote control. The touch screen panel at the top of the remote is the heart of the chair. The touch screen panel is used to choose the massage programs and techniques.

The bottom part of the remote uses traditional rubber buttons, which allow you to power on/off the chair, stop the massage, turn on/off the heat, adjust the recline of the chair, and the angle of the foot rest.

Osaki 4D JP Premium Japan Massage Chair Remote Control


Suggested User Height 4’10 – 6’3 ft.
Suggested Max. User Weight 285 lbs.
Roller Track Length 30 inches (S-Track)
Number of Airbags 34 Airbags
Number of Auto Programs 25 Auto Programs
Heat Mid-Back and Foot
Timer 7-30 minutes
Maximum Operating Period 30 minutes
Chair Upholstery High End Synthetic Leather
Remote Type Slim LCD Touch Screen Control
Product Dimensions (H” x W” x D”) Approx. Upright: 48″ x 30″ x 46.4″
Approx. Full Recline: 27.6″ x 30″ x 78.7″
Weight Product net weight: 164 lbs.
Ships in 1 Box (H” x W” x D”) Box Dimensions: 36″ x 30″ x 52″
Power Consumption 130 Watts
Usage condition Environment temperature: 50° – 104° F — Contrasting humidity: 30-85RH
Storage condition Storage temperature: 68° – 140° F — Storage humidity: 30-85RH
Safety feature Equipped with overheating and power surge safety protection
Usage benefits Increasing blood circulation; Relieving muscular fatigue
Origin Made in Japan; Ships from the USA


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All of our massage chairs qualify for free curbside delivery, which typically ships within 1-3 business days of placing your order. Once the chair arrives at your local delivery terminal, the delivery company will give you a call to arrange a delivery window. Please note that the delivery person is not responsible for carrying the chair into your home, though they may if you ask them to do so. Also note that depending on the chair you are purchasing, it will arrive unassembled. Assembly instructions are included in your chair’s packaging and can be installed in about 15-60 minutes.


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5 Year Warranty Included

5 Year "Rock Solid" Warranty with parts and Labor - free (reg. $249)

Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first five (5) years of ownership. This warranty plan includes three (3) years of in-home labor, four (4) years of parts and structural framework, and five (5) years of structural framework.

NOTE: On Japanese-made massage chairs from Osaki, the maximum 5 year extended warranty is offered at no additional cost.

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  1. Though the cost of my chair was high, I do not regret the purchase for even one second. I had a massage chair I had purchased 23 years ago, and these technology improvements were beyond my expectations. It does take some time to discover all the features available, but despite the myriad options, you do eventually figure out exactly what works best for you. I HIGHLY recommend buying the Osaki brand---the quality of this chair makes it well worth the price.

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  2. I purchased the Osaki-JP Premium 4S a few weeks ago and have had it for about a week. My review is for both this company and the chair itself. Keith at Massage Chair Deals was very helpful and knowledgeable (and patient:) - I asked him a number of Qs over several days trying to decide on my chair. When I made my selection, Keith was able to give me a break on the cost, making the deal even better. I did search Amazon and Costco - their prices were much higher! As for the chair, I am extremely pleased so far - I have a Japanese made massage chair that is still working after 15 years and the quality was a big reason to go with this chair. Although it is sold under the Osaki brand, it was made by Fujiryoki. There are so many options that I am still trying to figure them out. For those who feel the pressure is too much in one area (say on the feet), you have the option of reducing the force in that area. Well thought out chair. There are a number of intensities and the chair easily accommodates my 6 foot 235 pound body:) This model has the S track vs the L track - evidently there are no Japanese chairs with L track. I will say that the air bags under the lower rear and upper legs do not do much - it just lifts you up some. But really a minor nit

    Was this review helpful to you? 0 of 0 people found this review helpful

  3. Excellent massage given by the chair. It is convenient, anytime of the day and programmable. You do not have to drive to a massage place! At the end of the day, it felt relaxing and slept well after the massage. Strongly recommend Osake 4S. Sale and after sale service was remarkable and excellent.

    Was this review helpful to you? 0 of 0 people found this review helpful

  4. We have had this about 7 weeks and we love it. Still exploring all the functions but we like the pre-set programs. My wife often falls asleep! No negatives so far but sometimes the air releasing is a little loud. But since
    I have never had a chair before, that may be normal.

    Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  5. I often travel to Japan and had the opportunity to try various massage chairs. Always loved their machine more than any other that one usually finds in the US. This machine is at par with any other top of the line machines from Inada or Panasonic . The massage functions / capabilities are top of the line. Is well built. Massage functions range from comfy Air massage to really deep tissue kneading. Reaching all the hard to get spots. Have used endlessly since the chair got delivered last week.

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