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Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair - Black
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair - Black
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Model 2
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Model
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair - Black - Front View
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair - Black - Zero Gravity
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair - Black - Side View
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Remote

Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair

Feature-Packed 3D
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Sharper Image

Relieve 3D

3D SL-Track

The iconic Sharper Image brand is proud to introduce the ultra-sleek and sophisticated Relieve 3D massage chair. The Relieve 3D is powered by its highly versatile 3D roller mechanism, which has five adjustable pressures for a more customized massage experience. The 3D rollers sit on a 49-inch SL-Track, allowing the roller heads to knead out tension from your neck to your buttocks. The Relieve 3D includes many premium features, including 20 programs, back and calf heat, full body airbags, hideaway arm massage pockets, body scanning, calf and foot rollers, Zero Gravity recline, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Plus, easily control every aspect of the chair with the slim LCD remote, onboard quick access keys, or through the mobile app.

Sharper Image Relieve 3D Features

Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair 3D Rollers

3D Roller Massage

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D is equipped with a three-dimensional roller mechanism for an enhanced and flexible massage experience. The rollers not only travel up & down and side-to-side but also protrude in and out of your back. Choose from five intensity levels for complete control over how firmly the roller heads press against your back.

49" SL-Track

The 3D rollers glide up and down an ultra-long 49″ SL-shaped track. This results in an invigorating and all-encompassing massage that starts at your neck and shoulders and extends down to your buttocks.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Body Scanning

Smart Body Scanning

The intelligent 3D roller sensors automatically detect your body type and adjust the massage movements accordingly. This translates into a tailored massage that’s been optimized for your unique frame.

Lumbar & Calf Heat

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D includes heating elements in the lower back and calf areas. The soothing sensation of heat loosens stiff muscles and allows the rollers and airbags to massage your body more effectively. You can activate/deactivate the heat feature in both regions — or separately — for targeted relief.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity is the complete relaxation package for your body. Zero Gravity elevates your legs above your heart while reclined in a weightless state, relaxing your body as the massage chair works its magic. This recline position relieves pressure on your back, improves blood circulation, and promotes spinal decompression.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Calf and Foot Rollers

Heightened Calf & Foot Rollers

Stimulating acupressure rollers are positioned behind your legs and underneath your foot soles. Airbags squeeze the sides of your legs and feet as the rollers work to relieve tension. With the chair’s three-speed functionality, you can independently control the rotational speed of the calf and foot rollers. You can also turn each unit off.

Unique to this model is the footrest’s enclosed design, which provides an enhanced massage experience.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Adjustable Arm Airbags
Unique Feature

Hideaway Arm Massagers

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D’s arm airbags can be popped into place to enjoy a refreshing arm and hand compression massage. Don’t want an arm massage? Just tuck away the arm airbags and place your arms on the armrest.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Airbags
Shoulder Airbags
Arm Pocket Airbags
Waist Airbags
Calf Airbags
Foot Airbags

Dynamic Airbag Massage

26 airbags and 44 air cells squeeze against your body to provide the feeling of being pampered by a professional therapist.

The airbags compress your outer shoulders, arms & hands, waist, calves, and feet. The airbag massage is completely dynamic; you can activate or deactivate each of the five airbag units independently. The airbag intensity can be adjusted up to five levels.

20 Auto Programs

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D features 20 automated programs. Each program employs varying massage techniques, intensities, and chair movements to ease tension and stimulate your muscles. With options like Vigor’s deep tissue massage or the meditative stretching motions found in Yoga mode, you’ll be sure to find a soothing program that helps you unwind.

The 20 auto programs include Relieve, Vigor, Renew, Zen, Calm, Bed Time, Rise & Shine, Air Only, Zero G, Extend, Yoga, Stretch, Athlete, Stress Free, Mid Body, Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, Neck & Shoulders, and Quick.

Manual Massage Techniques & Fine-Tuning

Get the most out of your massage chair by fine-tuning the settings to match your desired experience. You can even create a custom massage routine from scratch.
  • 7 Roller Massage Styles: Choose from seven different roller massage techniques, including Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping Combination, Shiatsu, Rolling, Clap-Thai, or Kneading & Hold.
  • 5 Roller Speeds: Choose the speed of the rollers up to five levels.
  • 3 Roller Widths: Select the roller width: Wide, Medium, or Narrow. Choose Narrow to focus the rollers on the spine's centermost part. Choose Wide to have the rollers massage the outermost part of the spine. Medium is the default option.
  • Localized Massage: Choose where the rollers massage: the Whole Back, Upper Back, Lower Back, or Target. In Whole Back, the rollers massage along the entire 49" SL-Track. In Upper Back, the rollers focus on a 6-8 inch section on the upper portion of the SL-Track. In Lower Back, the rollers focus on a 6-8 inch section on the lower portion of the SL-Track. In Target Mode, the rollers exclusively focus on the area selected.
  • 5 Airbag Intensities: Choose the airbag strength up to five levels. Choose from six airbag zones: Full Body, Shoulders, Waist, Arms, Calves, or Feet.
  • Speed-Adjustable Calf & Foot Rollers: Independently adjust the speed of the calf and foot rollers up to three levels.
  • 30 Minute Timer: The massage cycle can be set up to 30 minutes and increased in 5-minute increments.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Bluetooth

Bluetooth Speakers

Get lost in your favorite song or podcast while enjoying a massage. Just connect your Bluetooth-compatible device to the massage chair and sit back as the audio plays through the immersive headrest area speakers.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair Remote

Easy-to-Use Remote

The slim LCD remote displays the activated functions at glance. Easily select one of the 20 programs, create a manual mode, modify the 3D and airbag intensity levels, adjust the recline, and more. Securely place the remote in its anti-gravity magnetic pocket when not in use.

Quick Control & USB

The quick access keys on the armrest make it easy to cycle through the auto programs, ease into Zero Gravity, adjust the 3D intensity, pause & power on/off the chair, and set the volume of the Bluetooth speakers. Plus, charge your favorite device with the onboard USB port.
Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair App Compatibility

App Control

Operate the massage chair wirelessly by downloading the Sharper Image Relieve 3D application. The app is available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Space Saving Recline

Save space without sacrificing comfort. The Sharper Image Relieve 3D’s innovative design allows you to place the chair just two inches away from the nearest wall or obstacle, even while fully reclined.

Limited Assembly

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D arrives mostly assembled in one box and can be easily installed in minutes. Just lower the already-attached footrest, connect the base rod, and plug in the footrest’s power supply & air hose. Lastly, plug the included power adapter into an electrical outlet and power on the chair. That’s it — time for a massage!

Recommended User Weight Limit

300 LBS.

Recommended User Height

5'4" - 6'7"