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Hassle free. No papers needed. has partnered with GetFinancing to provide our customers a new way to obtain the purchasing power you need on the terms you deserve. It provides an easy and convenient way to shop by matching you with one of our partner banks for the best financial deal available to you for your purchase.

How Does It Work?

GetFinancing How It Works

You might be eligible for for up to $4,500. Add your preferred massage chair to your cart and proceed to checkout and choose the GetFinancing option.

  • Get covered for up to to 24 months*
  • Hassle free
  • No papers needed
  • Instant financing at checkout
  • Financing available for Prime Credit to No Credit

GetFinancing FAQs

GetFinancing is a real time Purchase Finance Gateway that allows consumers to obtain instant financing from numerous lending sources under the best possible terms, when making a purchase online at a participating merchant’s website, including No paperwork is necessary.

GetFinancing’s patented state-of-the-art technology allows us to identify, verify, and refer applicants to the appropriate participating financing source. In the most cases, the only information you need to provide are name, address, and the last four digits of your social security number, that’s it! Some of our lenders may require us to gather some additional information such as annual income, employment status and time at residence. In some cases you may be required to provide information contained in your state issued Driver’s License.

GetFinancing verifies the data provided against some third party providers and some in house anti-fraud technology. For best results we recommend you to use the same billing and shipping address and avoid using PO Box addresses.

Although a high percentage of requests are approved, GetFinancing cannot guarantee approvals of all requests. Each of our lenders has their own underwriting criteria and we may not have one available to service your needs at this time. There is also a chance that information was entered incorrectly. Please verify that all your information is correct for the chance to be approved.

Unfortunately due to the Privacy Laws we are not able to access this information. You can contact one of the Credit Bureaus listed on the FCRA decline letter/email you would have received stating that an offer of credit was not available to you at this time due to some issue with your current credit status or information that was not able to be confirmed. You can also contact the lender/bank directly.

In order to reapply, you may need to go through the checkout process and try your transaction once again. Be sure to enter all information correctly and use your full legal name.

Obtaining this information allows the lender to quickly make a decision within their underwriting policies and determine what amount they are able to offer you to complete your purchase.

In order to service the full credit spectrum and to offer loans of varying amounts to most consumers GetFinancing work with numerous and diverse lending sources. GetFinancing participating lenders range from peer to peer lenders, private lenders/banks to large financial institutions. If you qualify they may offer you an instant financing to enable you to pay for your purchase. Should you chose to accept the offered financing you will have an obligation to that particular bank or lender for repayment. You will find out the name of the lender for which you have been pre-qualified when you are presented with an offer. You will then be required to agree to their Terms and Conditions as well as the Truth in Lending terms in order for the application to be processed.

When seeking a loan or credit to make your purchase through GetFinancing, you must provide certain pieces of information and then expressly “agree” to the Terms and Conditions provided at the time of your application. This grants us the right to seek credit on your behalf. You can review these terms and conditions here.

You may call them at the Toll Free number provided to you in your email correspondence from the issuing lender, or you can call our customer service line at 1-866-298-3757 and we will be happy to provide the information to you.

You can view GetFinancing’s Privacy Policy Statement by clicking this link.

GetFinancing’s return/dispute policy is either 30 days from the day of purchase or based on’s return policy — whichever comes first. To check the merchant’s return policy, kindly click here. In the event that you are not able to arrive to a resolution with the merchant, you should contact the credit issuer and ask for procedures on how to start a dispute or charge back.

If your financing was approved by one of our participating lenders (except for our peer to peer lenders), the lender will settle directly with and you will receive the item(s) you purchased according to the shipping arrangements you selected with If you were approved by one of our peer to peer lenders, the funds will be credited to your bank account and you will need to make payment arrangements with directly.

You will find the lender’s customer service phone number on the monthly statement provided to you by the lender. Alternatively, you can call GetFinancing’s Customer Service at 1-866-298-3757 and we will provide with that information.

Our program works only for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents in the USA.

Yes, this is possible. Please contact directly at 844-862-4391 and we’d be happy to arrange this for you.

Please feel free to contact directly at 844-862-4391 or via live chat and we’d be happy to assist you.

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The process is almost instantaneous, all you need to do is finish the checkout process on our site and choose GetFinancing as a payment method. It is that easy. Get the buying power you need today. With GetFinancing you get a fast, safe and easy way to buy online. For more information, click here.

Have any questions about GetFinancing? Please contact us at 844-862-4391.

* Disclaimer: The purchase APR is based on your credit worthiness. Refer to lender terms and conditions. Restrictions may apply. Financing available only to U.S. customers. View the FAQs above for more information.