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  • 30″ Roller System: The Infinity Evoke is the perfect chair for those who seek a mid-deep strength massage at an attractive price point. The Evoke naturally follows the “S”-shaped curvature of the spine with its 30 inch quad roller roller system in the backrest of the chair, meaning that it uniformly massages the neck all the way down to the tailbone area
  • Space Saving Feature: The Infinity Evoke is one of the few S-track massage chairs that offers a space saving recline. The chair will pull forward when the massage session begins, allowing you to place it within 4 inches of the nearest wall. Most S-track chairs require at least a 1.5-2 foot clearance in front of the wall when it’s fully reclined, but the wall-hugging feature of the Evoke allows you to offset this potential downside, especially if you plan on placing it in a smaller room and/or only have a limited amount of space
  • Zero Gravity Recline: Experience the benefits of Zero Gravity with the Infinity Evoke. Zero Gravity positions your legs slightly above your heart and evenly distributes your weight across the chair, thus reducing the gravitational pressure on the lower back and alleviating muscle joint tension
  • Foot Rollers & Heel Rubber: The Evoke is equipped with a expansive foot roller massage. Each foot has six reflexology foot massage rollers that knead the soles of the feet by targeting the acupuncture points. Additionally, the Evoke has a unique heel rubber. The foot rollers in most other models mostly target just the soles of the feet, but the Evoke’s cutting-edge heel rubber expands on that by helping soothe heel pain, known as plantar fasciitis. When combined with the airbags that engulf the sides of the feet, the Evoke’s foot massager is one of the best in the industry
  • Spinal Correction: The Evoke consists of an advanced upper body airbag system, which retracts the shoulders while the lower waist airbags simultaneously grip and stretch the body. This occurs while the rollers travel up and down the spine and the swivel seat swings the hips from side to side. This multi-functional system promotes an unmatched spinal alignment experience
  • Heat Therapy: The Evoke’s built-in dual, low back heating elements serve to loosen the lower back muscles and prepare the rollers to dig into your muscles and joints for a deeper massage. Heat therapy also has obvious therapeutic benefits, including circulation-increasing properties, an increase of blood flow, and helps heal pain caused by stiff muscles
  • 38 Airbags: The Evoke boasts 38 airbags that cover the rest of the body not covered by the back rollers. The shoulders, arms/wrists/hands, waist, buttocks, calves and the sides of the feet are massaged using air massage technology. The Evoke’s air massagers can be intensity controlled up to four settings, from a mild to strong massage
  • Body Scan Technology: The Evoke will scan the body prior to the start of the massage by locating your shoulder position to customize it for your body height and shape. The Evoke permits you to make micro roller adjustments if needed
  • User Friendly Remote Control: The Evoke’s high resolution, colorful LCD remote control screen will show the parts of the body being massaged, the methods of massage, and chair status all at the same time throughout your session
  • Six Auto Programs: Six auto programs come pre-set with the Evoke by default. Choose from Recovery, Pain Relief, Stretch, Full Body, Rocking and Healthcare for a full body massage with the touch of a button
  • Manual Settings: Pinpoint a certain region or area of the body by diving into the manual settings and choose your favorite massage technique, including Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading & Tapping and Shiatsu. Change your preferred recline angle of the footrest and backrest. Choose how far apart or close together you want the rollers to be (3 settings). Change the speed of the rollers (4 settings). Change the intensity of the air massagers (4 settings). Choose from a 10, 20 or 30 minute massage


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Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Banner

Zero Gravity Recline

The Infinity Evoke Massage Chair features the popular Zero Gravity recline position, which elevates the legs above heart and gives the user a “weightless” feel, much like astronauts experience in space. Zero Gravity is a one of a kind relaxation experience and is the optimal position to be in when experiencing your massage as it distributes your weight across the chair and it allows the rollers to work the back much more effectively.

Zero Gravity benefits include a reduction of your heart rate, improved circulation, soothes stress and allows the lungs to work at full capacity.

Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Zero Gravity Recline

30″ Roller Track

All along your spinal column there are vast bundles of nerves that retain tension and result in stiffness and fatigue. The Infinity Evoke is equipped with a 30 inch roller track along the backrest of the chair that provides a deep pressure massage along the spine — from the neck all the way through the lumbar region — in long, continuous strokes.

38 Air Compression Bags

The Infinity Evoke comes equipped with 38 airbags that will give you a full body compression therapy massage. Compression therapy will increase your circulation and decrease your blood pressure. Air technology reaches the parts of the body not covered by the roller track, including the shoulders, arms & wrists, lower waist, buttocks, calves, and the sides of the feet. The intensity of the air massage can be controlled up to four (4) settings: from mild to strong.

  • Lower Waist Air Massage: The deep, kneading motion of the 3-layer massage airbags mimics the motion of human hands to promote circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed, centered and alive
  • Lumbar and Buttocks Air Massage: The twisting motion of two powerful airbags acts like the hands of a licensed masseuse to deliver an invigorating massage that rolls out tension and revives the buttocks and thighs
  • Shoulder Air Massage: Airbags below both shoulders offer powerfully refreshing, kneading, rolling and twisting massage motions. Much like a professional massage, they provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation to areas with the most tension
  • Arm and Wrist Air Massage: Lightweight airbags are lined inside dedicated pockets where the arms can be placed to get a massage. The airbags inflate and deflate underneath and above the arms, providing a soothing wave-like motion to smooth away tension, promote circulation and leave your arms feeling refreshed
  • Calves Air Massage: Each leg of the massage chair features several individual airbags to provide a deep tissue massage that boosts blood circulation and gives your calves a healthier, revitalized feel
  • Foot Air Massage: An individual typically holds tension, stress and fatigue in their feet, especially after standing on them all day. The Evoke’s 8 powerful massagers will revive your entire being, especially when combined with the foot rollers

Infinity Evoke Massage Chair 38 Airbags

Advance Foot Roller/Heel Rubber Massage

At the bottom of the foot ottoman are dual mechanical foot rollers that may look like any other foot roller at first glance, but unlike other models, the Evoke has six (6) rollers per foot instead of the typical two or four. This results in a much more comprehensive foot massage that reaches not only the soles of the feet but the heels, toes and the balls of the feet.

Each foot unit contains eight (8) airbags along the sides of the feet that are designed to push the feet deeper into the foot rollers along with the aforementioned six (6) rollers. Each airbag is designed specifically to squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage the sole, arch, heel and ankle.

Additionally, the foot roller’s heel rubber — which is not found in many other massage chair models — simultaneously helps relieve heel and plantar fasciitis pain.

Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Foot Rollers and Heel Rubber

Space Saving Recline

The Evoke allows you to place the chair within 4 inches of the nearest wall. When a program is selected, the Evoke automatically pulls slightly forward instead of backward, saving space behind the chair. This minimizes the amount of floor space required. 70 inches (5.83 feet) of floor space is required, less than most comparable models.

Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Space Saving Recline Feature

Heat Therapy

The Evoke has a powerful heating function in the lower lumbar region of the chair that’s designed to soothe and prepare your muscles for the massage. The heating modules gently warm up to gradually reduce pain and tightness, as well as restore healthy circulation and the rigidity of your muscles. Heat therapy is vital in massage therapy as the majority of your stress is trapped in the muscles of your back.

Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Heat Therapy

Six Auto Programs

The Evoke offers six pre-set auto programs. These programs can be selected when the chair powers on, which will start the massage within seconds. The programs include Recovery, Pain Relief, Stretch, Full Body, Rocking, and Healthcare.

Manual Programs/Settings

A customized auto program can be made that targets the entire — or specific — part of the body using the Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading & Tapping, and Shiatsu massage techniques. You can select whether you want the rollers to target the Whole back, a Partial area of the back, or a Fixed area of the back. Additionally, you can adjust how close or far in proximity you want the rollers to be relative to each other, up to three settings: Narrow, Middle, or Wide. Finally, the speed of the rollers can be chosen up to four settings.

As described previously, you can adjust the intensity of the airbags up to four settings. The position of the airbags can also be chosen. You can activate whether you want all the airbags to be deployed (Full Body), or target specific areas of the body (Upper Body, Waist & Seat, or Legs & Feet).

The foot rollers have two different kneading techniques: Quick or Soft. If you want the foot rollers turned off, you can do so in the manual settings.

Body Scanning Technology

After powering on the chair and selecting an auto program, the chair will begin the computer controlled body scanning procedure. The screen will show “Body Scanning” until it finishes, when the chair will let out 5 tones in 5 seconds to let you know it is complete. The body scanning will locate your shoulder position and customize the massage for your frame and height.

If you think the position is not correct, you can press the “up” and “down” buttons on the remote control to adjust the back roller position.


By default, the Evoke has a 20 minute timer. It can be adjusted up or down by 10 minute increments, for a minimum massage session of 10 minutes or the maximum of 30 minutes.

The Evoke Stands the Test of Time

When you invest in a massage chair, we know you’re investing in the comfort and longevity that it will provide. The Evoke provides unparalleled wear resistance and is highly protected against corrosion – we’ve even tested it in a potent dose of sodium hydroxide for 72 hours. The material of your chair is easy to clean, protected against extreme temperatures and features a very breathable material for simple care and maintenance.

Easy to Use Remote Control

The Evoke’s high resolution colorful, slim remote control shows the parts being massaged, methods of massage, and chair status all at the same time on the LCD screen.

Through the remote control, you can power on/off the chair, adjust the speed/width of the rollers, the intensity of the airbags, choose from the six auto programs, create your own custom manual program, choose the Zero Gravity position, adjust the angle of the footrest & backrest, and more.

Infinity Evoke Remote Control

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Suggested User Height 5’1 – 6’2 ft.
Suggested Max. User Weight 285 lbs.
Roller Track Length 30 inches (S-Track)
Number of Airbags 38 Airbags
Number of Auto Programs 6 Auto Programs
Weight Product net weight: 218 lbs.
Timer Settings 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
Maximum Operating Period 30 minutes
Chair Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Product Dimensions (H” x W” x D”) Approx. Upright: 48″ x 34″ x 62″
Approx. Reclined: 35″ x 34″ x 70″
Ships in 3 Boxes (H” x W” x D”) Big Box Dimensions: 31″ x 25″ x 49″
Small Box #1 Dimensions: 27″ x 13″ x 34″
Small Box #2 Dimensions: 18″ x 15″ x 18″
Usage benefits Increasing blood circulation; Relieving muscular fatigue
Number of Motors 6 Motors
Power Consumption 200 Watts
Origin Made in China; Ships from the USA


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All of our massage chairs qualify for free curbside delivery, which typically ships within 1-3 business days of placing your order. Once the chair arrives at your local delivery terminal, the delivery company will give you a call to arrange a delivery window. Please note that the delivery person is not responsible for carrying the chair into your home, though they may if you ask them to do so. Also note that depending on the chair you are purchasing, it will arrive unassembled. Assembly instructions are included in your chair’s packaging and can be installed in about 15-60 minutes.


If you prefer to have your massage chair assembled for you, a White Glove Delivery upgrade is offered for this massage chair. If this option is selected, a professional installation team will schedule an appointment with you to determine the best time to deliver your massage chair. Once the delivery team arrives, they will carry the chair into your home or business, remove the packaging, and install it in the room of your choice. Your chair will be operating correctly before they leave.

Choose From One of These 3 Warranty Options:

Infinity 5 Year "Peace of Mind" Warranty with Limited Parts and Labor - FREE

Infinity guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first five (5) years of ownership. This warranty plan includes one (1) year of in-home labor, three (3) years of parts, and five (5) years of structural framework.


1) 3 year parts & labor warranty - $399

For an additional price, Infinity offers a three year parts, labor & framework bumper-to-bumper warranty. This includes a total of three (3) years of in-home labor, three (3) years of parts, and three (3) years of structural framework coverage.

2) 5 year parts & labor warranty - $599

For an additional price, Infinity offers a five year parts, labor & framework bumper-to-bumper warranty. This includes a total of five (5) years of in-home labor, five (5) years of parts, and five (5) years of structural framework coverage. This extended warranty plan offers the most comprehensive coverage.

NOTE: Your preferred warranty option can be selected prior to adding this massage chair to your cart. The free 5 year warranty option is selected by default. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to add an extended warranty. Warranties cannot be stacked. Call us at 844-862-4391 to add an extended warranty to an existing purchase.

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