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Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

Big & Tall Model - Fits Up to 6'6"
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Titan Pro Jupiter XL

3D L-Track
The Titan Pro Jupiter XL boasts a powerful 3D quad roller system on a 53″ track. The Jupiter XL features innovative firsts for a chair in its class, including a unique head airbag system; multi-heating elements; a two-in-one foot “scraping” and roller function; Bluetooth-compatible speakers and phone answering capabilities; and an ultra-long footrest to accommodate a user as tall as 6’6″. Also included are nine auto programs, seven manual massage techniques, space saving recline, Zero Gravity, body scanning, 44 airbags, and more.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Header
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair L-Track

53" L-Track Roller Massage

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL features an impressive 53 inch L-Track roller system, making it one of the longest tracks available in a massage chair today. The four-wheel roller mechanism starts at your neck, slides down the entirety of your back, and tucks underneath the seat to reach your buttocks and upper hamstrings.

The Jupiter XL’s ultra-long track allows you to enjoy the benefits of extended roller technology for a deeper tissue in-seat massage experience only found in an L-Track.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair 3D Rollers

3D Roller System

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL incorporates a third dimension to the rollers — the ability to adjust the depth/intensity of the roller massage.

The Jupiter XL offers five 3D roller intensity levels. On the lowest level, the rollers are retracted inside the backrest and this setting results in the mildest possible roller massage. To increase the roller intensity, select the 3D+ option on the remote and the rollers will extend outward and deliver a stronger massage with each increasing level.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Footrest Extension

Big & Tall - Fits Up to 6'6"

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL is one of the few massage chairs capable of accommodating a user as tall as 6’6″. The spring-loaded footrest has been engineered to extend 5 inches further than traditional footrests, and from its default position, extends an ultra-long 12.6″.

The seat’s base has also been widened and has a total clearance of 21″. The wider seat clearance and extended footrest makes the Jupiter XL an excellent choice for Big & Tall users.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Foot Rollers

Foot Rollers

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL is equipped with a dual action foot massage: rolling and scraping. The rolling mechanism mimics the feel of a masseuse’s thumbs pressing onto the balls of your feet. During the scraping function, rounded points move front and back, scraping your bridge and heels.

As this occurs, airbags inflate along the sides of your feet in a downward motion, pushing your feet into closer contact with the rollers.

The Jupiter XL’s foot roller mechanism has two speeds: slow and fast.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Body Scanning

Body Scanning Technology

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL’s body scan makes your therapeutic massage feel customized. Before any program, the chair’s roller system maps your spine’s curvature, tailoring the massage to your unique body type.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity recline position places your legs above your heart, mimicking the “weightless” experience of going to space.

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL offers two stages of Zero Gravity. During the second stage, the chair reclines further back and the backrest virtually supports your entire body weight. This, in turn, allows the rollers to massage your back even deeper.

Zero Gravity has numerous benefits, including relieving pressure on your spine, relaxing your neck and back, increasing circulation and blood oxygen levels, expanding lung capacity, and more.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Heat

Heat Therapy

Heat enhances your massage experience and aids in relieving muscle tension. The Titan Pro Jupiter XL includes three heat sources: in the low back, seat, and behind your calves.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Airbags
Head Airbags
Shoulder Airbags
Lumbar Airbags
Arm Pocket Airbags
Waist Airbags
Thigh Airbags
Calf Airbags
Foot Airbags

44 Airbags

44 airbags are distributed throughout the chair to squeeze and stretch your body. The airbags target the head, outer shoulders, arms & hands, waist, lumbar, thighs, calves, and feet.

The strength of the airbag massagers can be controlled up to five intensity levels, from weak to strong.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Head Airbags

Head Airbags

Most massage chairs neglect the head altogether because body scanning is programmed to have the top of your neck as a starting point. The Jupiter XL is one of the few massage chairs with an airbag system that compresses against your head and temples.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Shoulder Airbags

Shoulder Airbags

The Jupiter XL’s shoulder airbags inflate and deflate independently, providing a rejuvenating outer shoulder massage. The shoulder airbags are instrumental in stretching your body, particularly while the lumbar and waist airbags are activated.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Arm Airbags

Arm Airbags

The Jupiter XL has dedicated arm pockets that measure 20″ in length. Airbags inflate on top and underneath your forearms, wrists, and hands. The arm airbags are lined with small rubber bumps to invigorate the senses and keep your arms in place during the massage.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Hip Airbags

Hip Twist & Seat Airbags

Dual hip airbags line the sides of the waist. When one hip airbag inflates, it promotes a deep twist that swings your waist from side to side. When both hip airbags inflate simultaneously, a firm hip squeeze is applied. Additionally, airbags inside the seat compress against your thighs.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Leg Airbags

Foot & Calf Airbags

When the airbags along the sides of your legs inflate, it creates a revitalizing calf massage experience. Down further in the footrest, airbags squeeze against the sides of your feet. This is an addition to the foot rollers which spin on the undersides of your feet.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Bluetooth

Bluetooth & Call Answering

Pair any Bluetooth-compatible device to the Titan Pro Jupiter XL and sit back as you listen to your favorite tunes or podcast. The rich and clear sound plays from the speaker system conveniently mounted on both sides of the headrest.

A microphone is embedded inside the speaker system to answer phone calls hands-free during your therapeutic massage. Simply tap the phone button on the remote to answer and end calls.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Auto Programs

9 Auto Programs

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL includes nine automatic modes, each utilizing the roller track and airbags to deliver a variety of massage techniques. The nine auto programs include Sleeping, Vitality, Relax, Comfortable, Pain Relief, Muscle, Blood Circulation, Waist Focus, and Stretch.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Manual Rollers

Manual Roller Massage Techniques

Press the “manual” button on the remote to create your own custom massage. Choose from six massage roller techniques: Kneading, Knocking, Tapping, Shiatsu, Kneading & Knocking Combo, and Kneading & Tapping Combo.

After the massage type is selected, choose where you want the rollers to target (neck & shoulders, shoulders & back, back & waist, waist & seat, or the entire back). Additionally, you can have the rollers focus on a specific point and only that point using the “Fixed” option.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Adjustability


Fine-tune your massage experience by adjusting the roller speed (5 levels), roller width (3 levels), airbag intensity (5 levels), 3D Roller intensity (5 levels), and massage duration (5-30 minutes).
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Space Saver

Space Saving Recline

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL is designed with space saving technology. As the chair reclines backward, it slides forward on its base. During its maximum recline, the Jupiter XL requires only 3.2″ of clearance in front of a wall.
Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Remote

Intuitive Remote

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL’s remote control is easy to use. The high-resolution LCD screen makes it simple to navigate through the auto & manual programs, adjust the recline, and fine-tune your massage.

Recommended User Weight Limit

300 LBS.

Recommended User Height

5'0" - 6'6"

Minimum Door Width


Roller Type/Length

3D L-Track


  • Mild
  • Mid-Strong
  • Deep tissue

Massage Intensity

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Specifications

  • Suggested User Height: 5’0″ – 6’6″
  • Suggested Max User Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Roller Style: 3D
  • Roller Track Type: L-Track
  • Roller Track Length: 53 inches
  • Roller Intensity Adjustment: 5 Levels of 3D Intensity
  • Roller Speed Adjustment: 5 Levels of Adjustment
  • Roller Width Adjustment: 3 Levels of Adjustment
  • Roller Intensity: Mid-Strong to Deep Tissue
  • Number of Airbags: 44 Airbags
  • Airbag Intensity Adjustment: 5 Levels of Intensity
  • Number of Auto Programs: 9 Programs
  • Manual Massage: Yes
  • Massage Cycle Time: 5-30 mins.
  • Shipped Weight: 313 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 238 lbs.
  • Remote Style: Handheld Slim LCD Display
  • Seat Width: 21 inches
  • Upright Dimensions: 52.5″ H x 31.5″ W x 64″ D
  • Reclined Dimensions: 42″ H x 31.5″ W x 75″ D
  • Shipping Box #1 Dimensions: 41″ H x 31″ W x 60″ D (Main Body; 225 lbs)
  • Shipping Box #2 Dimensions: 26″ H x 16″ W x 49″ D (Side Arm Panels; 49 lbs)
  • Shipping Box #3 Dimensions: 21″ H x 18″ W x 21″ D (Footrest; 39 lbs)
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (1 Yr. Labor & 3 Yrs. Parts and Frame)
  • Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  • Origin: Made in China/Ships from the USA
  • Zero Gravity: Yes, 2 Positions
  • Heat: Lumbar, Seat & Calf
  • Speaker/Music Compatibility: Bluetooth & Hands Free Calling
  • Body Scan Technology: Yes
  • Arm Airbags: Yes
  • Calf Airbags: Yes
  • Foot Airbags: Yes
  • Waist Airbags: Yes
  • Back Airbags: Yes
  • Neck/Head Airbags: Yes
  • Shoulder Airbags: Yes
  • Foot Rollers: Yes, 2 Speeds
  • Vibration: No
  • Leg Extension Style: Spring Loaded
  • Space Saving Recline: Yes, 3.2 inches
  • Stretch: Yes
  • Inversion: No
  • USB Charging Station: No
  • Wireless Charging Pad: No
  • Quick Keys: No
  • Memory Setting: No
  • Chromotherapy Lighting: No
  • Apple/Android App Functionality: No
  • User Manual: Download

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Videos

Play Video about Titan Pro Jupiter XL Introduction Video
Play Video about Titan Pro Jupiter XL Remote Video
Play Video about Titan Pro Jupiter XL Assembly Video
Shipping Methods

Curbside Delivery

All massage chair orders qualify for free Curbside Delivery. Your order will be left on your curb or near your entryway after you accept delivery. The delivery driver will not bring your chair into your residence. Massage chairs are heavy and we recommend having another person or two on hand to help carry the box(es) inside. A dolly or hand truck can also be a helpful method of hauling the chair inside. Depending on the chair you are purchasing, your order may arrive unassembled. Assembly instructions are included in your chair's packaging and most models can be installed in under an hour. | Approximate Delivery: 1-2 weeks

Threshold Delivery - $75

The delivery driver will place your order at the first dry area available, such as inside a garage, near your entryway, inside a front door, or underneath a carport to ensure protection from the elements. This delivery method does not include room of choice delivery, assembly, unboxing, or debris removal. | Approximate Delivery: 2 weeks

In-Home Delivery & Set Up - $179

Your order is delivered directly to a third party agent. Shortly after the agent receives your order, they will call you to coordinate a delivery window. On that date, they will carry your massage chair box(es) inside the room of your choice (up to two flights of stairs), unbox, and assemble your chair. Note that in smaller markets, the third party agents are not necessarily experts in assembling massage chairs and we highly recommend opting for one of the other two shipping options if at all possible. | Approximate Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Please allow approximately 3-5 business days for orders to process and ship.

Titan Warranty Plans

3 Year Plan: 1 Year Labor & 3 Years Parts - FREE

Titan guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at their option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first three (3) years of ownership. This warranty plan includes one (1) year of in-home labor and three (3) years of parts & structural framework.

4 Year Plan: 2 Years Labor & 4 Years Parts - $249

For an additional price, Titan guarantees two (2) years of in-home labor and four (4) years of parts & structural framework coverage.

5 Year Plan: 3 Years Labor & 5 Years Parts - $349

For an additional price, Titan guarantees three (3) years of in-home labor and five (5) years of parts & structural framework coverage.

Warranty Limitations & Exclusions:

Warranties are non-transferable, and do not cover any damage or loss caused by: use in a commercial or corporate setting; failure to follow operating instructions; Electrical disturbances and power surges; dropped product; including but not limited to remote controls; Damage resulting from improper use or maintenance; vandalism; environmental conditions; exposure to environmental conditions (rust, corrosion, sand, dirt, wind, hail, earthquake, tornado, fire, flood); loss of use during the period that the product is being repaired; products purchased from unauthorized resellers; alterations or modifications of original condition; theft; neglect; unauthorized repairs; loss of power. Damage that occurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty. Fading, wearing, and the pilling of fabrics does not constitute a defect under the warranty. Failures of attach points such as stitching, Velcro, and zippers do not constitute a defect under this warranty. Under no circumstance shall Titan Chair, LLC or its representatives be liable for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages (including damages for lost profits, business interruption, bodily injury, medical, etc.), even if any party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Warranties are only valid within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada, provided the equipment has been operated according to the instructions accompanying it. All warranties begin on the DATE OF PURCHASE. Titan Chair, LLC, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame.

How to Obtain Warranty Service:

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  • Avatar

    Thomas Menard

    Jupiter XL

    This chair is made for larger broad shoulder built people. I had this chair roughly 3 weeks and just couldn’t justify spending the money on it. After the trade in and upgrade we are definitely pleased with a higher end model. Massage head bag felt like a gimmick we had to use the chair without it in order to get a better neck massage.

    June 25, 2021
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Great chair

    Love the air massage feature

    July 15, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Avatar



    The chair has a nice appearance but it’s functionality and quality control is questionable.

    White glove service set it up but said they knew nothing about how it functioned so they could not check it.

    In auto massage mode the chair goes up and down (reclines and then moves to full upright) like a rocking chair. This is not periodic, it’s constant like every 5-10 seconds.

    In manual mode the rollers (when set to a particular area (often) do not move more than an inch. Sometimes they do work correctly so this issue seems to be intermittent.

    The manual is not very helpful. It would appear to have been written by a non-native English speaker and calls out function buttons that do not exist on the controller. Additionally, it is very unclear in other areas.

    I called Massage Chair for warranty support and was told to deal with the manufacturer. I called them and was not able to reach a live person (only voicemail).

    Overall, kind of disappointing for a chair in this price range. I was excited to receive this chair but now I’m kind of disappointed. I’ll see how the warranty support goes…..

    March 11, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Kevin Wells

    We got this chair about 2 months ago. The chair gets used a lot more than I though it would. My son started using it and he does not get his leg pains he use to get from his job. My wife is in it at least once a day if not twice. I am using it about 2 times a day. Some nights I have a hard time sleeping and I use to get up and turn on tv to find something that would bore me to sleep. I know just get up get in the chair and put it in a massage mode and zero gravity and I am usually asleep before the end of the cycle and can get up and go right back to sleep in bed. We all enjoy the chair and wish it was something we had purchased earlier.
    Great product and tough but it is quiet as when you are using it the other family members can’t hear it. I would recommend it greatly and have told co workers about it.

    March 4, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Michael Hampton

    Great chair!

    One of the best massage chairs we have owned! Outstanding quality and workmanship, easy to follow instructions and wonderful results with providing a whole body massage. Could not be happier.

    January 22, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Lori Linder

    One Tough Machine

    This massage chair accommodates my husband who is over 6 feet and 240 pounds as well as me, just about 110 pounds and is one strong machine. I can see this lasting a lifetime for us. And it helps with my sciatica on top of everything else!

    May 26, 2019
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Beth White

    This chair is amazing. My husband researched every chair under the sun. This chair is AMAZING. I have migraines. This chair has really helped. Our teenagers are athletes. They love the chair too. I highly recommend it.

    January 21, 2019
  • Avatar

    David White

    There are so many things to say about this chair. I have dealt with chronic back pain for years, and my wife has stress induced migraines. I have spent so much money on chiropractors and massages over the years but have never felt lasting relief. My wife gets a massage 2-3 times a month for her migraines, but again, no lasting relief.

    We have been looking at the possibility of a massage chair for years, and finally decided that it would be worth it in the long run. Enter the Titan Pro Jupiter XL.

    I am 6’1″ and my wife is 5’5″ so I didn’t have much hope that we would find a chair that would fit us both. Boy was I wrong. This chair is AMAZING! Each of us gets a perfect massage every time. I can’t express enough how owning a chair has changed our lives. I can get an amazing massage any time I want it, and it’s not like the massage chairs at the mall that cost $5 for 5 minutes. Those don’t even come close to the relief we have found with this chair.

    I did about 15 hours of research into the perfect chair for us, and a few things I’m glad I went with.

    1. Get the L Track. This will give your Glutes a great massage.
    2. 3-D Massage: Having the ability to increase or decrease the pressure on my back has been perfect.
    3. Zero Gravity: I like a DEEP massage. In zero gravity mode, it put’s a perfect amount of pressure on my back.
    4. Multiple Points of Heat – because heat!
    5. Bluetooth: For the ultimate massage experience.

    We are extremely pleased with our purchase

    January 20, 2019
  • Avatar

    Stephen W.

    I needed a chair that would fit my tall and broad frame (6’5/300 lbs) and my wife’s relatively short and petite frame (5’3/~140 lbs) and this chair was immediately presented to me as an option when I called. This chair is advertised for bigger and taller users and I was skeptical it would work well for my wife but I can confirm it hits the right spots for both of us. If your on the taller end and have someone else in the household who is shorter, I would go for this chair. Otherwise, your not limited to any other option out there.

    There was a hiccup with one of the side panels being severely damaged during transit but we were sent out a new panel about 2 weeks after we alerted the company.

    I will update my review if any issues arise in the future but so far so good!

    June 27, 2018

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