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The new Osaki OS-Pro Maestro is anchored by its superior and life-like 4D quad roller system. The 4D roller system permits you to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest, up to eight settings. Whether you prefer a mild or deep tissue massage, the 4D roller system delivers for every type of user.

The OS-Pro Maestro offers an impressive 52.8 inch SL-Track, making it not only one of the longest tracks on the market but also the first massage chair to incorporate 4D roller technology. The ultra-long track follows the spine’s natural S-shaped curvature in the spine and then tucks on the underside of the seat, kneading the glutes and hamstrings. Unique to the OS-Pro Maestro is the inclusion of heated rollers, which warm the muscles as the rollers simultaneously dig into the back and down into the seat.

The OS-Pro Maestro also introduces a cutting-edge calf airbag mechanism which kneads the calves by oscillating up and down and forward and back at the same time. Down in the wells of the footrest, a three-in-one foot massage experience is unlike any other: reflexology rollers activate pressure points on the soles all while a new mechanism targets the bridge and heels of the feet.

The OS-Pro Maestro scans the body prior to the start of the massage, personalizing it for your unique frame. This chair also includes 32 airbags to stretch and twist your body, Bluetooth technology, keys on the inside of the armrest to quickly make adjustments, an iOS/Android app, space saving technology to place the chair right against the wall, 8 distinctive automated programs, 4 manual settings, more fine tuning measures than you could ever imagine needing, and much more. From its aesthetically pleasing leather stitching design to its feature-loaded functionality, the OS-Pro Maestro will revive your entire being.

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Product Description

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  • Ultra-Long SL-Track: The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro’s roller track clocks in at 52.8 inches, making it among the longest massage strokes on the market. Combining S and L-Track technology, the quad roller system begins at the base of the skull, targets the shoulders and travels down the entirety of the back just as a traditional S-Track chair offers. During the extended L-Track phase, the roller system transitions down into the seat, kneading the gluteal muscles and the back of the hamstring muscles
  • 4D Roller Massage Heads: Experience the most human-like roller massage in the industry with the very first SL-Track that incorporates 4D technology. The OS-Pro Maestro offers eight 4D depth adjustment options. With every 4D adjustment you make, the roller system protrudes further and further into the back and along the length of the 52.8″ track. The eight depth adjustments permits you to select how firm you want the massage rollers to be — anywhere from a moderate to incredibly deep tissue massage is possible. The sophisticated 4D roller track also adjusts the speed and rhythm of the massage rollers to mimic a massage a human masseuse would provide
  • Heated Massage Roller Heads: Most traditional massage chairs offer heat just in the lower back using two heating pads built into the chair to warm up the lower back muscles. The OS-Pro Maestro replaces the heating pads entirely and integrates heat into the roller system itself. As the 52.8″ track travels from the neck down to the back of the thighs, the rollers warm and loosen up sore muscles. The roller system’s two-in-one functionality is like getting a hot stone treatment and massage from a masseuse at the same time
  • Zero Gravity: When in the NASA-inspired Zero Gravity recline position, the footrest elevates level with your heart and the backrest reclines 170 degrees. Zero Gravity relieves pressure on the spine, relaxes the neck and back, increases circulation, expands lung capacity, and promotes spinal correction
  • Unique Calf Kneading: The OS-Pro Maestro introduces a fresh approach to the traditional calf massager that sets it apart from every other massage chair on the market. The calf mechanism oscillates up and down and forward and back simultaneously while the airbags contour the calves. The speed of the calf massager can be adjusted
  • Body Scanning: Prior to the start of every massage, the OS-Pro Maestro’s advanced body scanning technology maps the curvature of your spine and detects your neck and shoulder line, tailoring the massage for your unique body. The footrest utilizes an automatic leg scan that extends out to its furthest position and then retracts, stopping when the ottoman hits the bottom of your feet. Whether you’re 5’0 or 6’4, the OS-Pro Maestro accommodates a wide swath of user heights and body shapes
  • 32 Airbags: A full body chair would not be complete without the addition of airbags. Airbags are strategically placed throughout the chair to offer a compression-style massage that wraps around the areas of the body its targeting. Airbags are located in the outer shoulders, waist/hips, arms/hands, lower lumbar, calves, and the side of the feet. Airbags not only massage the regions of the body where the track can’t reach, but it stretches and twists the body as the SL-Track moves up and down the spine. The intensity of the airbags can be adjusted up to 5 levels
  • Foot, Heel & Bridge Rollers: The very bottom of the footrest includes dual spinning rollers. The mechanical rollers stimulate the acupuncture points and apply a kneading-style massage to the soles, heels and bridges of the feet. As this is occurring, the airbags inflate around the side of the feet, pushing the feet into closer contact with the roller mechanism
  • Quick Keys: 6 buttons are conveniently located on the inside of the armrest to quickly modify your massage. Adjust the intensity of the 4D roller mechanism (increase or decrease); power on/off the chair; pause the chair; navigate through the 8 auto programs; and ease into Zero Gravity. A USB outlet is also included to charge your device while in the chair
  • Space Saving Technology: The OS-Pro Maestro slides forward on its base prior to reclining and allows you to comfortably place it within 5 inches of the nearest wall
  • Bluetooth Amphitheater Sound System: Pair your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-compatible device to the OS-Pro Maestro and settle in as the immersive sound system plays your favorite tunes, podcast, or audio book
  • iOS/Android App: Control every aspect of the chair by downloading the application in the Apple or Google Play Store and navigate through the OS-Pro Maestro’s rich feature set without having to reach for the remote
  • 8 Auto Programs: Choose from 8 full body programs expertly created by Osaki engineers, including Demo, Relax, Swing, Stretch, Scraping, Shiatsu, Lady, and Gentleman
  • Localized Manual Programs: Dive into the manual settings to focus the SL-Track on a region or area of the body. Those modes include Neck/Shoulder, Upper Back, Lower Back, or Full Back. These four modes are in addition to the 8 auto programs
  • Fine Tuning: The OS-Pro Maestro offers a host of fine tuning measures to personalize the chair to your liking. Adjust the depth of 4D rollers up to 8 settings; increase or decrease the intensity of the airbags up to 5 levels and choose which airbags you want activated; choose from 3 roller width options; select the speed of the rollers up to 5 levels; adjust the speed the calf airbag system oscillates; pinpoint a specific area or region of the back you want the rollers to focus on utilizing the “Spot” function; select how long you want the chair to operate (from 5-30 minutes); and much more
  • Touchscreen LCD Remote: The OS-Pro Maestro’s remote control couldn’t be simpler to use and has minimal clutter. It has just four touch key buttons: Zero Gravity recline, upright position, a short key to access the automated programs, and a home key. The auto/manual programs and fine tuning measures can be selected by navigating within the clean user interface submenus


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Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Header

SL-Track – 52.8 Inches in Length

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro combines the two massage roller track types into one phenomenal massage experience. In an S-Track chair, the quad roller system follows the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine. It starts at the base of the skull and travels down the spine until it reaches the tailbone end point, just above the gluteal muscles. An L-Track is the natural extension of an S-Track; the roller track continues where the S-Track left off — tucking underneath the seat and kneading the glutes and back of the thighs.

You get the benefit of both roller track types in the OS-Pro Maestro, thus the SL-Track nomenclature. The OS-Pro Maestro boasts a 52.8″ track in total, ranging from the uppermost region of the neck down to the belly of the hamstring muscles. The slick feel of the premium 52.8″ SL roller track will revive your being.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro SL Extended Track

Life-like 4D Roller Technology

The OS-Pro Maestro is the very first SL-Track to incorporate 4D technology. 4D offers the most advanced roller technology on the market and feels just like you’re getting a massage from a licensed masseuse. Whether you prefer a mild or deep tissue massage, the versatile 4D track permits you to choose from 8 depth adjustments. Every time you select an increased depth adjustment, the rollers protrude out further, digging into the back more firmly than the previous setting. With the OS-Pro Maestro, you will have complete control of your relaxation experience.

4D technology also introduces a speed element. The rollers will methodically alter the speed or rhythm of the massage to mimic the life-like style of a human massage therapist.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Roller Technology

Heated Massage Rollers

The OS-Pro Maestro is one of the few massage chairs on the market that offers advanced heated roller technology. Traditional massage chairs have two heating pads in the lower lumbar area that provides soothing heat therapy to lower back. However, the OS-Pro Maestro’s roller track packs a one-two punch: a cutting-edge 4D roller massage and heated roller heads that reaches the entire length of the roller track and not just one area.

As the roller system travels from the neck down to the bottom of the thighs, the rollers heat up and provide a sensation similar to receiving a hot stone massage, soothing and comforting sore muscles as you enjoy your massage. Heated rollers can be deactivated through the remote control if you prefer to turn this feature off.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Heated Rollers

Body Scanning Technology

The roller system will map your body and detect your shoulder line, neck and back prior to the start of the massage, personalizing the massage experience for your unique body shape. The OS-Pro Maestro will apply an optimal amount of pressure suited for your body once the scan is complete, which can be adjusted via the 4D settings.

Micro adjustments are possible if you find that the start point for the roller system is too low or too high. Simply adjust the shoulder height position up or down on the remote control.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Body Scanning Technology

Zero Gravity Recline

NASA-inspired Zero Gravity is the most ergonomically-correct recline position you can utilize for ultimate relaxation. When Zero Gravity initiates, the backrest of the chair tilts back 170 degrees and the footrest elevates up level with your heart. Because your entire weight is supported by the backrest and in closer contact with the roller system, Zero Gravity will produce the strongest massage possible

Zero Gravity permits your body to relax more naturally, relieves pressure along the spine, optimizes your blood flow, promotes better breathing, and simulates a “weightless” feel.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Zero Gravity

8 Automated Programs

The OS-Pro Maestro comes equipped with 8 expertly crafted automated programs that utilize the Kneading, Tapping, Rolling and Shiatsu roller techniques while airbags inflate simultaneously to stretch your body. The programs include Demo, Relax, Swing, Stretch, Scraping, Shiatsu, Lady and Gentleman. Simply tap the Auto button on the bottom of the remote control and select your preferred program — it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Demo: Demo integrates all the automated programs in one abbreviated mode. We recommend using this program to get a taste of all the different auto programs when you’re getting started on the OS-Pro Maestro
  • Relax: The Relax program utilizes a softer roller massage to bring the user into a more loosened and stress-free state
  • Swing: This program will massage the user while rocking in a back and forth movement to create a more calming state throughout the massage
  • Stretch: The flagship automated program offered on the OS-Pro Maestro, Stretch utilizes the locking of the legs, hips, arms and shoulders using airbags and then reclining/declining to stretch the body. This program also simultaneously performs a light stretch for the calves, hamstrings, shoulders and waist
  • Scraping: This program performs a scraping-style massage, moving from the inside of the body towards the outside. This helps direct the blood flow for a better massage experience
  • Shiatsu: This popular Japanese-style massage technique performs a more pinpointed massage along the back. It will focus on certain pressure points in the back to help relieve stress
  • Lady: This program is designed for women and helps increase blood flow and promotes relaxation
  • Gentleman: This program is designed for men and helps increase blood flow and promotes relaxation

32 Airbags

The OS-Pro Maestro’s 32 airbag system complements the ultra-long 52.8″ SL-Track to provide an air compression massage and stretch the areas of body that a track of even that length can’t reach. Airbags are located along the outer shoulders, lumbar, waist/hips, arms, calves, and the sides of the feet.

Osaki engineered its airbag system using Next Generation Technology. The airbags are now larger in surface area than other models and reach the same regions of the body with fewer airbags, which puts less stress on the chair in the long-run. The intensity of the airbags can be adjusted up to five levels.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Airbags

Shoulder Air Massage

Two large airbags are located in the shoulder housing that flares out to the sides. The airbags squeeze the outside of the shoulders inwards, pinning the shoulders into the backrest to receive a stronger roller massage. The airbags stretch out the muscles in the shoulders and work in concert with the lumbar and waist/hips airbags to provide a fantastic stretch along the upper torso and mid-section of the body.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Shoulder Airbag Massage

Lumbar Air Massage

Two large airbags are located in the lumbar region which squeeze outwards on the outer portion of the lower back. When the lumbar airbags inflate independent of each other, one side of the back lifts up and the other side stays in place, introducing a relaxing motion that twists and stretches the lower back.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Lumbar Airbag Massage

Waist/Hip Air Massage

The hip airbags are located on the left and right side of the seat base. When inflated, the airbags squeeze the sides of the waist, targeting the hard-to-reach hip and thigh muscles. The hip airbags, much like the shoulder airbags, also serve to keep the user in place during the duration of the massage as the rollers massage the back, glutes and hamstrings.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Waist Airbag Massage

Arm Air Massage

A full body massage chair wouldn’t be complete without an arm/hand massage which can be accessed by placing your arms in the pockets. Located above and below the forearms are segmented airbags which provide a compression massage to the top and bottom of the arms and hands. The airbags are placed within commercial grade spandex and are lined with small rubber bumps to invigorate the senses and keep your arms from slipping out of the pockets.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Arm Airbag Massage

Advanced Calf Air Massage With Kneading

The OS-Pro Maestro offers an innovative calf airbag kneading function that is rarely found in a massage chair. As the airbags inflate, they not only squeeze the sides of calves but the system oscillates up and down, providing a powerful and unique kneading motion that sets it apart from other massage chairs.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Calf Airbag Massage

Foot Airbags

Inside the wells of the foot ottoman are four pieces of airbags that contour the feet. During the massage, the airbags will inflate on the sides of the feet, holding your feet in place and forcing your feet into closer contact with the foot rollers.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Foot Airbag Massage

Calf Nodes

The OS-Pro Maestro introduces a new airbag nodes element on the back of the legs. The acupressure airbag nodes push forward into the back of the calves in a circular motion, providing a compression-style massage to target tense calf muscles.

Foot Rollers with Bridge & Heel Massage

Dual mechanical rollers are located on the underside of the ottoman which apply a soothing kneading-style foot sole, heel and foot bridge massage. As the rollers spin underneath the feet, airbags engulf the side of the feet at the same time, pushing the feet deeper into the foot rollers. The OS-Pro Maestro’s ottoman features an enclosed, ergonomic design that relieves fatigue and pain far more effectively than comparable open-toe footrests provide.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Foot Rollers

Manual Massage Techniques

The OS-Pro Maestro is not limited to just the 8 auto programs. You can personalize your massage session by diving into the manual programs on the remote control and creating a custom massage. The OS-Pro Maestro has four manual mode options: Neck/Shoulder, Upper Back, Lower Back, and Full Back. The Neck/Shoulder, Upper Back and Lower Back modes comprise of four Characteristics/Modes that you can fine tune. During the Full Back mode, you can choose from the Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu or Rolling massage techniques and then also fine tune your massage. During all four of the manual modes, you can adjust the depth of the 4D rollers up to 8 levels, width of the rollers up to 3 levels, and the intensity/strength/speed of the rollers up to 5 levels.

Pinpoint the Rollers on a Certain Point or Region

The OS-Pro Maestro’s manual mode will provide options to geotarget a certain spot or area along the roller track.

  • Partial mode: Partial will concentrate the rollers on a general area along the roller track that you select. For example, if you target the rollers on the lower back, Partial will massage in and around the point selected
  • Spot: Spot is more targeted and will concentrate specifically on the area selected selected along the roller track. For example, if you target the rollers on the lower back, Spot will massage only that point

Fine Tuning

With the OS-Pro Maestro, you can refine your massage experience with the tap of a few hand gestures.

  • Airbag Versatility: Select your preferred airbag intensity up to 5 levels — from weak to strong — or turn them off altogether. Select where you want the airbags to inflate (shoulders, arms, lower back, and/or calves & feet)
  • Roller Width: There are three roller width settings: Wide, Medium and Narrow. It is on the medium setting by default, but if you prefer to have the rollers closer together or you have a more petite frame, you can narrow them. If you have a broader frame or want the rollers to work on the outer area of the back, you can widen them
  • Roller Speed: Adjust the speed of the rollers up to five settings, from slow to fast
  • Spot Roller Massage: If there is a general nagging area that you would like to have the rollers target, you can geotarget a region or specific area of the back by selecting the Partial or Spot options, respectively
  • 4D Roller Settings: Choose from eight 4D roller massage depths for optimal versatility. Personalize how far you want the rollers to dig along the roller track. The OS-Pro Maestro’s 4D roller system makes selecting between a moderate, mid-strong or an extremely deep tissue massage — or anywhere in between — possible
  • Timer: The OS-Pro Maestro’s timer can be increased in 5 minute increments, from 5 minutes up to the maximum of 30 minutes
  • Heat: The heated roller system can be deactivated. It is activated by default
  • Calf Kneading Speed: The speed in which the calf airbag system oscillates up and down can be adjusted
  • Remote Control Settings: You can choose the language of the remote (English or Chinese); the volume of the remote; set a timer for when the remote goes to sleep; and adjust the screen’s brightness

Auto Leg Scan

The OS-Pro Maestro accommodates a wide range of user heights — from 5’0 to 6’4 — by utilizing an automatic leg system. When the body scan initiates before a program is selected, the foot ottoman will extend out 8 inches to its furthest position and then retract inwards until the sensor detects it has reached the bottom of your feet. You can also manually extend or retract the ottoman via the remote control.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Foot Extension

Space Saving Technology

The OS-Pro Maestro’s space saving design will minimize the chair’s footprint in any room even at its maximum recline position. As the chair reclines, it slides forward on its base, allowing you to place it within 5 inches of the nearest wall.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Space Saver

Bluetooth Amphitheater Sound System

Listen to your favorite music tunes, audio books or podcasts by pairing your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or even smart television to the OS-Pro Maestro’s Amphitheater Bluetooth-compatible sound system.

The audio speaker system reduces surrounding noise and enhances your listening experience on the high grade audio speakers located in the headrest area besides your ears. When you have paired your preferred device to the OS-Pro Maestro, a blue light will cast from the speaker system to indicate that the massage chair has successfully synced with your device.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Bluetooth Music System

Quick Control Keys

Conveniently located on the side of the inner armrest, you have access to several keys that you can tap during your massage session so you don’t have to reach for the remote control. Power on/off the chair, Play/Pause the chair, cycle through the automated programs, recline into Zero Gravity, and increase/reduce the 4D roller system strength. You can even charge your smartphone or any other device using the USB outlet while the chair is powered on.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Quick Control Keys

iPhone & Android Application

Prefer to operate the OS-Pro Maestro on your smartphone or tablet? Download the application from the Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Navigating through the OS-Pro Maestro’s rich feature set is now even easier.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Application Support

Touchscreen LCD Remote Control

The OS-Pro Maestro’s slim LCD remote control couldn’t be more intuitive to use. The sleek looking remote has minimal clutter with four simple buttons located on the remote: recline back, recline forward, auto programs, and home. The bulk of the chair’s feature set can be found within the OS-Pro Maestro’s touch screen user interface. Navigate through the 8 auto programs, create a manual/custom program, adjust the 4D intensity, adjust the airbag intensity, and a host of other fine tuning measures described above with ease.

The handheld remote control has a dedicated slot when not in use. The remote’s base is attached to a spring-loaded cord that extends when you pull on it and retracts when you put it back in its slot.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Remote


Suggested User Height 5’0 – 6’4 ft.
Suggested Max. User Weight 265 lbs.
Roller Track Length 52.8 inches (SL-Track)
Number of Airbags 32 Airbags
Number of Auto Programs 8 Auto Programs
Footrest Extension Up to 7.1 inches
Heat Heated Rollers
Remote Type Slim LCD Touch Screen Remote
Timer 5-30 minutes
Maximum Operating Period 30 minutes
Chair Upholstery High End Synthetic Leather
Product Dimensions Approx. Upright: 48.1″ H x 31.9″ W x 61.1″ D
Approx. Full Recline: 46.9″ H x 31.9″ W x 79.5″ D
Weight Shipping weight: 291.0 lbs.
Product net weight: 244.6 lbs.
Ships in 3 Boxes Big Box Dimensions: 40.2″ H x 30.0″ W x 57.9″ D (192 lbs)
Small Box #1 Dimensions: 29.2″ H x 13.8″ W x 41.8″ D (46 lbs)
Small Box #2 Dimensions: 20.9″ H x 19.7″ W x 22.9″ D (53 lbs)
Power Consumption 250 Watts
Usage condition Environment temperature: 50° – 104° F
Storage condition Storage temperature: 68° – 140° F
Safety feature Equipped with overheating and power surge safety protection
Usage benefits Increasing blood circulation; Relieving muscular fatigue
Origin Made in China; Ships from the USA


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3 Year "Rock Solid" Warranty with Limited Parts and Labor - FREE

Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first three (3) years of ownership. This warranty plan includes one (1) year of in-home labor, two (2) years of parts and structural framework, and three (3) years of structural framework.


1) 1 Year Extended Warranty (4 Years Total) - $149

For an additional price, Osaki guarantees two (2) years of in-home labor, three (3) years of parts and structural framework, and four (4) years of structural framework.

2) 2 Year Extended Warranty (5 Years Total) - $249 FREE

For an additional price, Osaki guarantees three (3) years of in-home labor, four (4) years of parts and structural framework, and five (5) years of structural framework.

NOTE: Your preferred warranty option can be selected prior to adding the chair to your cart. This product currently comes with 2 years of extended warranty coverage, for a total of 5 years, for no additional cost. This is regularly a value of $249. Limited time offer.

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  1. Maestro is the ultimate massage!After several weeks using the Titan Jupiter XL we were very disappointed. We opted to upgrade to the Maestro with the upgraded new touch screen for 2021. This chair is packed rich with features and is simply amazing!

    This model has a built-in wireless charger for your cellphone and Bluetooth to stream your music. You can also utilize an app to control the Maestro. The full body scan is very accurate and with the 4D adjustment right at your finger tips you can make increase or decrease to your desired level of comfort. The massage is more life like with the 4D technology.

    You will not be disappointed!!

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  2. Love my chairI purchased an Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro Massage Chair and it is awesome. I sit in it almost daily and there are many different types of massages that can be done.

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  3. The best massage chair ever!I've tried many massage chairs, even owned a top-of-the-line one a while back. But nothing compared to this Osaki Maestro chair. It's the best -- hand down!

    Recently, I had lower back pains that got worse and worse each day. I had to stretch and do deep breathing to control the pain. Sitting in my hot tub also helped. But my back still ached.

    Then I got this massage chair ... and my back felt so much better after just 30 minutes of using it. I used the chair again the next day and all my back pains went away. Wow!

    Most of the pre-set programs feel very satisfying and simply wonderful. I highly recommend that you use the chair when you're a little buzzed after drinking your favorite wine or eating your favorite gummy. The feeling is just ... devine ;-)

    Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  4. AmazingBest investment... great pressure... use it every day pre and post-work out...

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  5. Love My Maestrothe white glove service went great. I absolutely love the chair. It works great on relieving my back pain and issues. This is an awesome product. Definitely worth the money.

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  6. Best Purchase Ever!Honestly! Make the investment. We could not be happier with our choice of Osaki-Pro Maestro. We had the "white glove" delivery and set-up. From day one, second one, the comfort and relaxation we get from this chair is amazing. I work with heavy equipment all day and I look forward to the massage that heals me everyday. Make the choice to enrich your body and soul in your own home.

    Was this review helpful to you? 3 of 3 people found this review helpful

  7. Love This ThingWe've had our Osaki-Pro Maestro massage chair for a few months now. I use it two or three times a day a good hour in the morning and a good hour in the evening. With my spine injury I can make the chair do a spot for one area or my full back. I can change types of message as well as pressure. I love this thing.

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